Collect data ⟶ See the future

Real-time counting, tracing and analysing
of the flow of people
in any congregation space.

Understand reality

It is possible to know the number of people in a building, exactly where they are, how they move around and how much time they spend in a certain place.

All accessible in real time through an ordinary browser, Web or bespoke app.

The core of the 4Track infrastructure is the big data study engine designed by Renobo using the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence that can read pinpoint information coming from a network of 4TSense sensors placed in the area in question.

4Track is modular, easy to install and configure.

Its network of sensors can be incorporated in architectural features, it can be used either in large multi-storey buildings or inside individual shops.

4TSense is a hybrid sensor designed by Renobo

that monitors and analyses people’s position and behaviour with the utmost precision through multiple means of technology: WiFi, beacon Bluetooth, 3D optical and infrared cameras.


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