Collect data ⟶ See the future

Real-time counting, tracing and analysing
of the flow of people
in any congregation space.

Knowing users’ behaviour.

Tracking the number of people in a given place: where they are, how they move and how much time they spend in a given area.

Information about what happens in various places updated in real time.

Artificial intelligence combined with a Big Data analysis engine can interpret information coming from a network of sensors located in a given area.

A plug and play solution, simple to install and configure.

The 4TSense network of sensors can be incorporated in architectural features both in spacious areas and more confined spaces.

4TSense, a hybrid sensor designed by Renobo.

It records and studies the location and behaviour of people with extreme accuracy, drawing on a combination of miscellaneous technology: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Beacon, optical and infrared 3-D cameras.


4Mall + 4Track
Guarda come aumentano le loro potenzialità
se integrati insieme.

Intereconnected to
make the difference